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Hey District 27, I’m


and I want to be your
Boots on Ground
in Montgomery.

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About Sherri

Hello, I am Sherri Reese and I am the Democratic candidate for Alabama State Senate District 27. I am a born, raised, educated, and retired Opelikan. I am also a mom and Veteran. Most importantly,

I am your neighbor.


People are my passion, and serving them is what I did as a Human Resources Officer in the United States Army. My love for people and service did not stop with my 24 year retirement from the Army. My years as a Drill Sergeant, Asst. Inspector General, Recruiter and a leader in my community have prepared me for this very moment. I have all the skills, training, and time necessary to excel as your Senator in Montgomery.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 8th.

Boots On Ground!

The Issues

The Issues

I believe every person has value and potential. I may not be the decisive voice but I can be your voice. As Senator, I’ll fight daily to support legislation that materially improves lives. I will be your boots on the ground - working to represent your interests in the Senate!


Every child deserves a first-rate education. For decades, Alabama has deprioritized public school investment. The result? We are perennially ranked among the bottom 5 academically performing states in the nation. We can do better; our children deserve better. As Senator, I’ll fight to better fund Alabama’s public schools, improve teacher pay and retirement benefits, and raise the standard of excellence for our schools.

Every Alabama public school should be equipped to maximize its student’s academic potential. We need to do more to ensure that schools serving marginalized groups and impoverished communities are equipped to meet the unique demands of educating kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. I also believe that no child should be discriminated against on the basis of their race, religion, class position, or sexual or gender identity. Alabama schools should function to serve our children, not judge them.


Everyone deserves affordable healthcare. As State Senator, I’ll fight to ensure every Alabamian has access to the care they need - that starts with expanding Medicaid in Alabama. Our rural hospitals are under enormous strain. Many are ill-equipped, understaffed, and operate in debt. I’ll fight to expand rural healthcare system funding in Alabama. No person should be forced to travel long distances to receive the

care they need.

Mental health is public health. Alabama has a mental health crisis. Today, our largest mental health provider is our state prison system. Schools often have police officers stationed onsite while mental health professionals for our kids are in short supply. Suicide rates are reaching historic peaks. Our situation is unacceptable. We need to invest in mental health services while addressing the underlying causes of despair and psychological strain in our society. As your Senator, I’ll fight to increase funding for mental health in schools, work to better equip our mental health institutions and emergency response systems, and work to get to the root of widespread social despair.

Criminal Justice

The best way to fight crime is to fight poverty. Instead of going into debt to finance new prison projects, we need to invest in Alabamians. Mass incarceration is both expensive and ineffective. As your Senator, I’ll fight to reform our justice system by decriminalizing cannabis use, releasing non-violent offenders, treating addiction as a public health problem, and using public resources to invest in education and job creation - not more prisons. 

As a single mother, the mere thought of my son having an encounter with law enforcement causes fear and anxiety. It is a feeling that many Black parents know all too well. As your Senator, I’ll fight to create higher standards of accountability for our officers while looking for ways to make policing a more attractive, safer profession for diverse populations and high achievers.

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